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Bond Cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane

Are you anxious as you near the end of your rental lease? You have stayed in the property for a really long time and it is now time to move on from there. You remember having paid bond money to your friendly neighbourhood real estate company? The local law as in other parts of the country requires you to hand over the house after carrying out the cleaning of the house and hand it back to the landlord in the same condition it was when you moved in. sometimes it is also called end-of-lease cleaning or Cheap bond Clean Brisbane. The landlord then either returns the bond money that you kept with him if he inspects it to be in good condition. If he thinks that there is harm to the property or that cleaning is not up to the mark then he deduct money to the extent of the damage and returns the balance money. This cleaning that is carried out by the tenant is called bond cleaning and is usually done by a professional Bond Cleaners. That is exactly our area of expertise and strength. We have considerable experience in doing a thorough job which we execute through our dedicated team of genuine, certified cleaners. The quality of the output provided by us is equally top notch. We make sure that all nooks and corners in the hall, kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms are sparkling.
We offer customized packages for our customers to choose from. It is tailored to best suit the needs of every customer. We employ the best cleaners in the business that is suitably trained to achieve the best results. What’s more, the ingredients that we use in the product are safe and environment friendly. Needless to add, we also ensure that our customers get their bond money back in full…in fact we guarantee it 100%.

Carpet cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane

It would not be uncommon to see any house today without a carpet or rugs. In fact they are a standard fixture in the hall. As we get on with life, we get around to walking on the carpet with shoes. Of course we spill the popcorn while watching a flick with the family or Coffee or even wine. Then there is our pet, which runs around and cuddles up to us. A dirty carpet and god save us if it is a light coloured one isn’t a pretty sight when people and relatives come visiting. It definitely doesn’t enhance the look of the hall. In addition to becoming a hotspot for dirt and filth, it is also unhygienic for our kids and pets. The thing is that dusting it or keeping it under broad daylight doesn’t knock off the dust that gets stuck to the carpet. It needs to be cleaned very vigorously. Ergo our carpet cleaning uses products that remove the stain on the carpets with ease. It is so nice to have carpets that appear clean and emanate a fragrant smell…Now who wouldn’t want that?

Pest Control Gold Coast & Brisbane

Irrespective of our home being rented or owned, we take efforts to buy exquisite furniture and spruce up the décor as per our tastes – sofa with upholstery that is very customized and unique, designer dining tables, chairs, beds and kitchen cabinets that look like they get exported to foreign countries. As the year gets by, these spaces get unexpected and unwelcome guests – we know them as pests – termites that eat into wooden fixtures, bugs that infest the beds and the ubiquitous cockroach! They can be seen coming out of Kitchen sinks and shelves, drawers, bathrooms and washbasins. The mere sigh of them invite shrieks and shocked disbelief from the fairer sex. Some of these pests carry on the destruction under the glaze of our very eyes and we don’t even register it. By the time we realize the damage, it is already too late. Thankfully, help isn’t too far away! Our pest control cleaning services helps you stay bugs/pest free.
Different pests…different methods of treating them. The treatment is done using certified chemicals to annihilate the pests.
Result? A pest free, safe and hygienic home!

Pressure cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane

Generally speaking there are ways to clean the dust and grime that accumulates inside the house. Even if this needs to be done by people staying in the house, we do get around. The cleaning companies innovate and come up with a host of ways to work around the problems – dust, pests etc. But what if you had a driveway or a sprawling backyard? They are exposed to harsh sunlight and heavy downpour and in some parts of the world snow that needs shovels to clean it up. The dirt that accumulated on these surfaces actually discolours it and can look really shabby when you have visitors coming over or even your boss coming over for dinner. Imagine instead of making an impression, this could result in sheer embarrassment!
We offer a solution that takes care of just this situation! Our pressure cleaning service uses high-pressure water jets that make water gush out with a force that makes the dirt and grime vanish, leaving the surface with a glow that you wouldn’t have seen.

Spring-cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane

When our home is closed off and insulated during the winter months, dust settles, air becomes stagnant, and we face serious challenges to breathing freely, resulting in poor health. A thorough spring-cleaning improves the air quality of our home and makes us feel better. With a clean house, our mood will improve and we are ready to welcome visitors. Cleaning and organizing our personal spaces lets means we can enjoy a tidier and more organized environment and this can help relieve stress. Levels of stress can also be reduced during the act itself as cleaning is considered to be therapeutic.
Spring cleaning is a service that can be conducted with our furniture in place. It includes things like wall washing, cleaning windowpanes, mop stains, dust and wipe skirting boards and cleaning light fixtures etc. Our team of cleaners handles these tasks with thoroughness and precision so that your home can get a total refresh after a cold winter.

Methamphetamine cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane

Meth (Methamphetamine) is a stimulant that can be smoked or injected. Traces of meth get into the carpet and the walls and the air ducts whenever users smoke in their homes. Crystal meth are the most common form in occurrence as a pill or in powder. Users who consume it experience a feeling of an intense rush and is short lived while if consumed as injectable delivers a long lasting effect. Countries have set permissible limits under which it can be consumed. However in case that limit is exceeded then a professional cleaning company needs to come in and de-contaminate the home that is affected as the new owners may face discomfort. That the previous tenant or the landlord may not even disclose this is an added challenge. If law enforcement report high levels of meth contamination, the Police Department may be called in to oversees the cleaning process and ensure that the home is cleaned. The house is barred from occupancy until the department issues a written report that the residence is drug-free. Inspecting a residence for meth contamination is an extra service our company provides in addition to regular home cleaning jobs.

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